Soup Bones

Soup Bones

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Also known as stock bones, the bones are essentially pieces left over from the butchering process. When the butcher sells boneless roasts and other pieces of meat, he must remove the bones. Each piece typically has a small amount of meat still clinging to the bone. The meat is not enough for a full meal, but it is enough to impart more flavor into your soup. Bones sold as soup bones typically come from the shin or neck.

The key to a rich and hearty soup or stew is the stock or base of the soup. Professional chefs use soup bones, which give the soup a richer and more flavorful base. 

How to Cook Soup bones:

Dice onion, celery and carrots into small pieces and place inside a heavy stockpot with a small amount of oil or butter. Turn the stove on low and cook the vegetables until they are slightly translucent but still raw. Add the soup bones and stir, incorporating the bones into the vegetables. Cover the mixture with water or stock, making sure that you use enough liquid that it completely covers the bones. Place the lid on the pot, and simmer over low heat until the liquid reduces by half. The liquid pulls the flavors out of the bones and leftover meat, making a rich and hearty stock. Strain the mixture, and use the liquid as a base for your soup.

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