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We're not that different. We farm. We eat.

It’s messy.It’s hard.It’s rewarding.It’s gut wrenching at times.It’s emotional.It’s stressful.Sound familiar? Do you think you know what I am referring to? Let me give you a couple more clues.You can’t have the ups without the downs.People will judge you.It never really gets easier, you just adjust and things change.You are always trying to do your best.These words could be used to describe many things: Life, relationships, your career, or your children. However, in this instance I am referring to being a rancher.You see taking care of livestock IS our life, our relationships, our career. And they are like our children, so it is very easy for me to see the connection.I am really not much different from you. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and a wife to one incredibly supportive husband. I am a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend. I am a business owner, plus have an additional part time job just to try to make ends meet, while providing for my family and being the best ME I can be.We provide all the basic needs in life that our animals need: food, water and shelter. We make sure they get vaccinated as a precautionary measure, just as you do with your children to prevent diseases. We have “well baby checkups” with their doctor, the veterinarian, to ensure they are continuing to grow at the rate they should. In fact, there are many vets that actually come right to the farms to check on the animals in their everyday environment to make sure they are all 100% healthy, and you can bet we spend many long, sleepless nights up with them if they do get sick or hurt. As ranchers we take care of or animals just like you take care of your kids.I’m really not much different from you.