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If the rest of the pork tastes as good as the sausages, than it will honestly be the best I’ve ever had!
Dennis (ND)
Always open and willing to answer any question you may have about things. Very friendly. Amazing meat!
Autumn (Braddock, ND)
Awesome meat. Won’t be going anywhere else.
Jessica (Medina, ND)
Order my butcher hogs here, always great quality meat and will go out of the way to help you out.
Jacob (Sterling, ND)
Easy to order and excellent communication. Just grilled up the first of the steaks we received and just as expected, they were amazing and tender. Reasonable pricing for locally grown meat of this quality. Kind enough to help me on a holiday (Easter Monday). Definitely recommend you check them out before going to a big-box supermarket / store and buying meat packed full of preservatives!
Rick Rhoades - Bismarck, ND
Pork chops were great! Quite obvious the pork was fed right...not too lean or fatty, just right! Also, I wanted to let you know I talked to your processor ahead of time & the owner of the processing plant spoke very highly of Lang livestock that he processes. Keep up the great work! We will be life long customers.
Brian - Bottineau, ND
Picked up our pork today and had to cook some pork chops tonight. Amazing how tender and how much more flavor there was compared to store bought pork! Can't wait until we dig into the rest of it!
Marv - Bismarck, ND
I can't believe how beautiful the chops were. I purchased some tomahawk chops to try out because honestly I usually buy from another local pork producer who sells at their mobile meat trailer but recently I have noticed some changes that had me looking for other producers. When I ran across you I decided to just try a small order to see how your product compares. Well, I have since then placed several orders and now I am glad to say you are now our local producer. It's incredible how flavorful & tender your products are. I'm am glad I found you and look forward to trying all the products you offer.
Roswell - Bismarck, ND
  • Grain Finished

    All cattle spend the majority of their lives eating grass on pasture. Grain finished beef spend the majority of their lives eating grass. What makes them different from grass finished beef is that during the last 6-8 months of their lives, grain finished cattle are free to eat a balanced diet of local feed ingredients. What this means for the consumers is that your steaks will be larger and there will be more of that beauitful marbeling that gives beef that distinct sought after flavor.

    Grain finished beef, grain fed beef and conventional beef are essentially all the same. They refer to cattle that have been raised with the beginning of their life on grass, and then given grain at the end of their lives.

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  • No antibiotics

    • Any beef that reaches the consumer has to be free of any antibiotics. The FDA regulations that govern the use of antibiotics in cattle feed are stricter than most other uses in animals or people.

    Therefore, all beef is antibiotic free whether it is labeled that way or not.

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